• StonerBros - what is it ?

  • StonerBros has multiple servers that you and your friends can enjoy your selves on! We are open 24/7 and have amazing staff that are always willing to help! We have an amazing community and the best owners you will ever meet! Come Join the first and the best 420 minecraft community in the entire world!
  • How to join us?

  • To join our network is pretty simple! Add play.stonerbors.org ip to your minecraft client and start playing. So far we have lobby, survival, skyblock and factions servers running to play, on every server we have /menu for handy commands. If you want quick change the server you want to play on you can use simple command: /server .
  • Member rank!

  • Are you new on stonerbros? If so then don't wait and apply for free member rank, which has special kit, prefix and some extra commands! All you need to do is register on the website and post you application on the discussion forums.
    Stonerbros MODDED Skyblock
    Date: 2016.06.23
    Thanks to the hard work of badbojus we now have a whitelist survival modded skyblock. If you are up for a challenge, and/or want to play with some cool people go to the Stonerbros Skype and ask to be whitelisted. There will be a form to apply soon so don't worry! Stay cool. Peace!

    Stonerbros Skype: https://join.skyp...6XneGOfcFM

    FTB Launcher link: http://www.feed-t...

    Server Ip: play.stonerbros.org:25555 This article has been posted by loves_to_mine, thank you.
    Soon! StonerBros vanilla server!
    Date: 2016.04.19
    Impotant note, to all those who played yesterday on my reals server. I am able to download world, that means i will do that and i will open stonerbros vanilla server soon, Its will be whitelisted tough. Applications for whitelist will be available on our forums and minecraftforums or planetminecraft. I will run few plugins on it which doesnt effect minecraft vanilla gameplay. Those will be deluxechat to make chat look more niecer and also essentials (only for me and very few staff to catch hackers). So thats all i wanted to tell. So keep building our bases! Nothing will be lost! We gonna go far with this.
    Aunt Bee Does Minecraft
    Date: 2016.04.17
    Aunt Bee Does Minecraft Stonerbro server
    Date: 2016.04.17
    Minecraft ~ StonerBros Survival - E3
    Date: 2016.04.16

    Another episode from ImaFlippinCow.
    Hell yah!
    Date: 2016.04.15

    This took me so long time to be listed in minecraftforums servers section! But we are there now, i have been chatting with citricsquid (Curse Media) for almost two weeks to finally get stonerbros name approved! Happy to tell that we should start getting more newbies joining in the last 1-2 months if we will vote enough. The vote link is placed at first place now.

    And here is the link if you want to vote right now:
    Minecraft ~ StonerBros Survival - E2
    Date: 2016.04.13
    Minecraft ~ StonerBros Survival - E1
    Date: 2016.04.09

    Thank you for this great video.
    New website logo
    Date: 2016.04.07
    Hello everyone, i was in great mood today and i thing i did great job on new website logo.
    Please tell me what you think about it in the comments section. And here it is:

    Also if you don't see new logo on the website, you should click ctrl+f5 to refresh the page.
    StonerBros.org domain was renewed!
    Date: 2016.04.04

    Dear, Stoners and players! I am proud to tell that stonerbros.org domain was renewed for one year! It was only two months left until it expires. Can we place the blocks in minecraft world 3 years? I think we can! It's been now 22 Months since first stonerbros server was launched, thank you all who stay with us for so long time. Hopefully we hit 3 or even more years!

    With love, badbojus.
    Top 3 Voters!
    Date: 2016.03.27

    Decided to reset vote top and also reward 3 top voters!
    The prizes goes like that:
    1 = 15000 in game money
    2 = 10000 in game money
    3 = 5000 in game money

    Thank you for all votes and keep it going for even more rewards!


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