Blazy Susan Review // Best Stoner Storage Solution

Blazy Susan Review // Best Stoner Storage Solution

It’s my review of the Blazy Susan, the best stoner storage solution! Code Beardz420 saves you 10% off at The Blazy Susan has made my smoke seshes feel so much more lux and organized, it’s a lazy susan with a dab mat and tray on top built with slots for all your gear. From torches, to lighters, to jars, and papers, every smoker or dabber would be thrilled that with the amount of things this dab station holds. Check out my full blog post at *NOTE GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED* THIS VIDEO WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED ON BUDZNBEARDZ.COM on 6/22/2018.
*This video is intended for legal cannabis consumers.
*I am a Legal Medical Marijuana Patient in California pursuant to Prop. 215
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Blazy Susan- Code Beardz420 saves 10% at
Thank you so much to Blazy Susan for sending over the Blazy Susan and sponsoring this video. Without the support from sponsors I would not be able to continue to do this and would not have been able to fund building the . Thanks for supporting an independent cannabis content creator 🙂
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