Scientists Use Fortnite To Talk About Climate Change

Fortnite feels like the biggest thing on the planet right now, so it makes sense that some clever Twitch streamers have started using it as a platform to teach viewers about this crazy planet. According to Wired, ClimateFortnite is a channel full of climate scientists who discuss global warming while playing Epic’s popular battle royal game.

“It builds a community where people can ask the hard questions directly to an expert,” ClimateFortnite host Henri Drake told Wired. “For a topic like climate change that is steeped in misinformation, direct access to experts is crucial.”

ClimateFortnite has a megar following, but this is an inventive use of Epic’s game and the Twich streaming service, and we’re interested to see if other scientists follow suit. The Wired article is full of even more details on ClimateFortnite and climate change, so check it out if you have a chance. 

[Source: Wired]

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