Webinar December 7: Ethically Navigating Local and State Licensing for Cannabis Businesses

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Representing cannabis businesses is fraught with ethical traps. Cannabis businesses require guidance in navigating complex and shifting state and local regulations, and providing that guidance in a federally illegal landscape requires a delicate dance. To learn about and discuss potential pitfalls in representing California cannabis businesses, join us on December 7 at 12pm PST for a webinar entitled “Ethically Navigating Local and State Licensing for Cannabis Businesses.”

At the webinar, attorneys Julie Hamill of Harris Bricken and Ruben Duran of Best Best & Krieger will provide tips on how to traverse the ever-changing landscape of local and state licensing without getting your clients or yourself in trouble. The attorneys will cover changes to the California Rules of Professional Conduct, updates to federal policies and state regulations, and cautionary tales of cannabis attorneys who have found their ethics called into question.

Program Highlights:

  • Continuing tension between state and federal laws
  • Applying the new Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Regional bar association ethics opinions
  • Attorney-Client privilege concerns
  • Public law: conflicts of interest and bribery
  • Real life ethical scenarios

This is an intermediate level program worth 1 MCLE credit in Legal Ethics. Some experience with cannabis law is assumed. Please go here to register!

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