Saturday, 24 Mar 2018
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5 Differences Between THC and CBD

What are the differences between THC and CBD? Here’s a look. When you first start smoking weed, you hear the acronyms THC and CBD a lot. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the two main active cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. There are over one hundre other cannbinoids such as THC-V, THC-A,  and CBN, but […]

Top 3 Reasons Women Consume Cannabis

Ever wonder what the top 3 reasons women consume cannabis were? Luckily, a cannabis lifestyle brand has the answers you want. A recent survey reveals the top 3 reasons women consume cannabis. This in-depth study of women and cannabis use comes from the female-focused cannabis lifestyle brand Van der Pop. Their goal was to learn more […]

10 Best Weed Pipes On The Market

When it comes to hand-held weed accessories, pipes are the classic choice. Here are some of the best weed pipes currently on the market. Weed Pipes are fantastic as a tool to use to smoke cannabis. It makes it easier to pace yourself, saves bud, and is easier to use than rolling a joint or […]

Top 5 Funny dogs videos #1

So i dig around and found 5 funny videos with dogs, why not watch them right now ? 🙄  1. Elderly Man Making Sure His Dog Wont Get Wet 2. Dog Singing I Love You In Harmony 3. Stubborn Husky Wont Get Out Of Bed 4. Husky Head Massage 5. DJ Doggy Dog

7 Reasons Why Cannabis And Women Are A Perfect Match

Cannabis culture is notoriously male, especially in flawed Hollywood depictions of it. However, a new survey conducted by the Cannabis Consumers Coalition shows that women make up for at least half of cannabis consumers in the US. Pushing aside the social stigma and common misconceptions, here are 7 reasons why cannabis and women are a perfect match. […]

Top 5 strangest videos posted by our discord members

Since we have now this fancy, nice looking website i decided to dig around our discord for top 5 most strangest/funniest videos you guys have posted! #1 By @VîŃčÊņŤ_74196#9098 #2 By @Toasty#7128 #3 By @Toasty#7128 #4 By @Drudge Skeletons#5593 #5 By @KK^#1192