Saturday, 24 Mar 2018
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10 Best Weed Pipes On The Market

When it comes to hand-held weed accessories, pipes are the classic choice. Here are some of the best weed pipes currently on the market. Weed Pipes are fantastic as a tool to use to smoke cannabis. It makes it easier to pace yourself, saves bud, and is easier to use than rolling a joint or […]

The truth about LED lighting.

Grow with Mr. José Plants under 300W LED modules with active cooling Once LED lighting was a novelty in cultivation, but this is a long time ago now. Many growers today have experience with using diodes and we don’t have to rely only on what the manufacturers tell us in their advertising. If you are […]

Video- How To Harvest, Trim And Dry Your Weed

How To Harvest, Trim and Dry Your Buds Watch as Pigeons 420 goes through the steps of trimming, bud washing and curing his White Widow crop. Find out which parts to keep for making  concentrates and Pigeon 420s methods. What You Will Need When you begin the process there are a few basic pieces of equipment you will […]

How to Use Baking Soda in Your Cannabis Garden

Baking soda, with its myriad applications, is the next kitchen product featured in our series on natural home remedies for Cannabis growing. Many folks are aware that baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is multifunctional in the home and garden. The most common non-baking application is to place an open box in the fridge and freezer to […]