Saturday, 24 Mar 2018
Tag: funny

Top 5 Funny dogs videos #1

So i dig around and found 5 funny videos with dogs, why not watch them right now ? 🙄  1. Elderly Man Making Sure His Dog Wont Get Wet 2. Dog Singing I Love You In Harmony 3. Stubborn Husky Wont Get Out Of Bed 4. Husky Head Massage 5. DJ Doggy Dog

Top 5 strangest videos posted by our discord members

Since we have now this fancy, nice looking website i decided to dig around our discord for top 5 most strangest/funniest videos you guys have posted! #1 By @VîŃčÊņŤ_74196#9098 #2 By @Toasty#7128 #3 By @Toasty#7128 #4 By @Drudge Skeletons#5593 #5 By @KK^#1192